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Wayne Parnell Family

Wayne Parnell Family, He is a South African cricketer who converted to Islam in 2011, five years before he got married to Aisha Baker in 2016.

 He changed his name to Waleed Wayne Parnell after converting to Islam. Wayne Parnell and Aisha Baker have two children together, a son named Khalid who was born in May 2018, and a daughter who was born in July 2021. The Parnell family is a private family and they do not share much about their personal life on social media. However, they have occasionally shared photos of their family on Wayne Parnell’s Instagram account. In conclusion, Wayne Parnell has a wife and two children.

Wayne Parnell Family

The family lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Here are some additional details about Wayne Parnell family:

  • His wife, Aisha Baker, is a South African model and actress.
  • His son, Khalid, is named after the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson.
  • His daughter’s name has not been publicly revealed.
  • Wayne Parnell has said that his family is very supportive of his decision to convert to Islam.

His wife is Aisha Baker and his children are Khalid and a daughter whose name has not been publicly revealed. The family lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

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