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Umran Malik Stats

Umran Malik Stats and he is an Indian international cricketer who plays for the Indian cricket team in limited-overs cricket as a right-arm fast bowler. He debuted for India in June 2022 against Ireland. He plays for Sunrisers Hyderabad in Indian Premier League and Jammu and Kashmir in domestic cricket. Sure, here are Umran Malik career stats:

  • IPL
    • Matches: 25
    • Balls bowled: 487
    • Runs conceded: 757
    • wickets: 29
    • Average: 26.10
    • Economy: 9.33
    • Strike rate: 16.79
    • Best bowling: 5/25
    • Fastest ball: 157 kmph
  • T20I
    • Matches: 8
    • Balls bowled: 120
    • Runs conceded: 217
    • wickets: 5
    • Average: 43.40
    • Economy: 10.85
    • Strike rate: 24.00
    • Best bowling: 2/32
  • FC
    • Matches: 7
    • Balls bowled: 120
    • Runs conceded: 560
    • wickets: 7
    • Average: 75.29
    • Economy: 4.67
    • Strike rate: 77.14

Umran Malik is a young fast bowler who has been making waves in the Indian Premier League (IPL) with his sheer pace. He has consistently bowled over 150 kmph, and has even touched the 160 kmph mark on a few occasions. He has taken 29 wickets in 25 IPL matches, and has also been impressive in his limited T20I appearances for India. Malik’s bowling action is smooth and he generates a lot of pace from his run-up. He has a good yorker and a sharp bouncer, and he is also capable of bowling good length deliveries. He is still a raw talent, but he has the potential to be a world-class fast bowler.

Here are some of Umran Malik’s strengths:

  • Speed: Malik is one of the fastest bowlers in the world, and he can consistently bowl over 150 kmph.
  • Pace variation: Malik has a good variety of pace deliveries, including a yorker, a bouncer, and a good length ball.
  • Accuracy: Malik is relatively accurate for a fast bowler, and he is able to hit the right areas consistently.
  • Potential: Malik is still a young bowler, and he has the potential to be a world-class fast bowler.

Here are some of Umran Malik’s weaknesses:

  • Control: Malik can sometimes be erratic with his line and length, and he can also be expensive.
  • Experience: Malik is still a young bowler, and he lacks experience at the highest level.
  • Fitness: Malik has had some fitness issues in the past, and he needs to stay fit in order to fulfil his potential.

Overall, Umran Malik is a talented fast bowler who has the potential to be a world-class bowler. He needs to work on his control and fitness, but he has the raw pace and skills to be a success at the highest level.

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