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Tom Latham Family

Tom Latham Family, and he is the son of former New Zealand cricketer Rod Latham. His mother’s name is Sally. He has no siblings.

Tom Latham is married to Nicole Marie Latham. They have a son named Angus Jack Latham, who was born in July 2021. Tom Latham’s family is very supportive of his cricket career. His father and mother were both cricketers, and his wife is also a keen supporter of the sport. Tom Latham has said that his family is his biggest inspiration.

Tom Latham Family

In an interview, Tom Latham said about his family: “My family has been a huge part of my cricketing journey. My dad was a cricketer, so I grew up around the game. My mom has always been there to support me, and my wife is my biggest fan. I’m so grateful for their support.” Latham is a very close family man. He often posts pictures of his family on his social media accounts. He is clearly very proud of his wife and son, and he loves spending time with them. Tom Latham’s family is a big part of his life, and they are a great source of support for him. He is very grateful for their love and support.

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