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Tabraiz Shamsi Family

Tabraiz Shamsi Family, and he is married to Khadija Shariff. They have a son, who was born in 2022. Shamsi’s parents are from Pakistan. His father, Shamshuddin Shamsi, is a businessman and his mother, Fatima Shamsi, is a housewife.

Shamsi has a younger brother, Imraan Shamsi, who is also a cricketer. Shamsi is a devout Muslim and he often speaks about the importance of religion in his life. He is also a philanthropist and he has donated money to various charities in South Africa. In his spare time, Shamsi enjoys playing golf and spending time with his family. He is also a keen photographer and he often shares his photos on social media.

Tabraiz Shamsi Family

Here is a brief overview of Tabraiz Shamsi family:

  • Wife: Khadija Shariff
  • Son: (born 2022)
  • Parents: Shamshuddin Shamsi and Fatima Shamsi
  • Brother: Imraan Shamsi

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