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Rashid Khan Family

Rashid Khan Family, and he comes from a large family. He has six brothers and four sisters, making him the sixth oldest of his siblings. All of his brothers also bowl leg-spin, and it was one of his nephews who asked him to start doing the aeroplane celebration after taking a wicket.

Rashid’s father, Rashid Khan Sr., is a former cricketer who played for Afghanistan at the domestic level. His mother, Parveen Khan, is a housewife. Rashid is very close to his family and often speaks about how much they mean to him. In June 2020, Rashid’s mother passed away after a long illness. He was deeply saddened by her death and took a break from cricket to grieve. He has since returned to cricket and is continuing to make his family proud.

Rashid Khan Family

Rashid Khan is not married yet. He has said that he wants to focus on his cricket career before settling down. However, he has also said that he would like to have a big family one day. Here is a brief overview of Rashid Khan family members:

  • Father: Rashid Khan Sr.
  • Mother: Parveen Khan
  • Siblings:
    • Amir Khan (elder brother)
    • Noorullah Khan (elder brother)
    • Mohammadullah Khan (elder brother)
    • Abdul Samad Khan (elder brother)
    • Mehmoodullah Khan (elder brother)
    • Habibullah Khan (younger brother)
    • Mohammad Nabi Khan (younger brother)
    • Zarmina Khan (younger sister)
    • Zainab Khan (younger sister)
    • Nargis Khan (younger sister)
    • Najiba Khan (younger sister)

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