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India’s New Anthem For Cricket World Cup 2023 “3kaDream hai apna”

India’s New Anthem For Cricket World Cup 2023 “3kaDream hai apna” The BCCI has launched a New Anthem for the Indian Cricket Team participating in the ODI World Cup 2023. A major sports brand, Adidas, will be the sponsor for the Indian Team’s Jersey in the ODI World Cup 2023. On Wednesday, September 20, the World Cup 2023 Indian Cricket Team jersey was unveiled. So, we will take a look at what this anthem is about and what is the reaction of the fans to this anthem.

India’s New Anthem For Cricket World Cup 2023 “3kaDream hai apna”

Celebrating Cricket Spirit

Every team desires to bring their fans together and ask them about their motivation and preparation heading into a Tournament. The same is the case here. BCCI recently launched an anthem for the Indian Cricket Team heading into the World Cup. Cricket is more than just a sport in India. People believe in it and treat it like a religion. India is one of the biggest sporting Nations in the world, and here, Cricket is the most played and watched sport. So, the level of cricket spirit is sky-high in this country. 

So, major events like the World Cup, Asia Cup, and IPL have always been supported and enjoyed by the people of India. Before the big stage, teams usually give their message to the fans by the anthem. So, the anthem for any cricketing nation has a great effect not only on its players but also on its fans. So, the Cricket World Cup is like a festival for the fans. Indian fans are always ready to support their team at any stage. They are one of the most united fans in the sporting world. This makes their team a bit relaxed. At any stage, Indian fans support their team; whether it is their lowest or highest, it doesn’t matter.

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The Slogan “3Ka Dream Hai Apna”

India’s New Anthem For Cricket World Cup 2023 “3kaDream hai apna” In the newly launched anthem for the World Cup, we can see that there is a new slogan being used, which is ”3Ka Dream Hai Apna.” Actually, it means that the players and fans of the Indian Cricket Team are ready to lift the World Cup Trophy for the third time. The Indian Cricket Team won the World Cup trophy on two occasions, 1983 and 2011. These are the only two instances where India won the Cricket World Cup. So, the phrase 3Ka Dream literally means that they have a desire to lift the World Cup trophy for the third time. This shows that the Indian Team is ready for the next World Cup in every way.

Player Tribute

The Anthem includes some top names of the Indian Cricket Team, such as Captain Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya, Shubhman Gill, Shardul Thakur, and Mohammad Siraj. In the Anthem, we can see that all the players are hinting that they are in full preparation for the World Cup and they will give their best and, hopefully, will bring the Trophy a Third time.

Unwavering Support

The Indian Cricket fans have enjoyed the newly launched anthem of their team. They seem very inspired to see their favorite players giving their everything to see their fans happy.  We can notice that Indian fans are chanting for their team by the response they have given on the Anthem. Fans know the capabilities of their team, and they are always there to support India. The lyrics have been a motivation for the whole nation. 

The confidence and courage of the Indian team are due to the support of their fans. The support that they give is unmatchable, and this thing helps the team to win from where they thought they would lose. So, the support has a great effect on the team. The Indian fans are the 12th player of the team. They give every bit of support to their team.

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Unity Beyond Boundaries

Cricket has been a great joy for every Indian for the past 50 years. This sport has proved to be a religion for every Indian, whether it is a child, an old person, a man, or a woman. Everyone likes cricket in India, so cricket has played a great role in uniting the nation. This sport has unmatchable support in India. People become united when they win or lose. They celebrate with each other on a win but support their team even if they lose from a winning position. This brings them together and gives strength to the players to win the next game. Cricket has become a common language in India. People here feel cricket, and it gives them a reason to be happy. The team has great diversity, and players come from different regions of the country. They have different traditions, languages, and customs. But when they play for India, they become united and give their best to become victorious.

The Indian Cricket Team will start their campaign for Cricket World Cup 2023 against 5-time World Cup Champions Australia on 8 October in Chennai.

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