Death News of Alamgir Tareen

According to reports, Alamgir Tareen the owner of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) team Multan Sultans, tragically took his own life on Thursday. Lahore Police confirmed that Tareen used a pistol to shoot himself in the head at his residence in Gulberg.

 The police at the scene shared that Tareen left behind a handwritten suicide note, mentioning that he was “suffering from an illness.” However, no further details regarding his illness were provided in the note.

Close friends of Tareen expressed surprise as he had never mentioned any illness during his lifetime.

The 63-year-old entrepreneur was unmarried but had plans to get married in December of the same year. He had established himself as a prominent businessman in South Punjab and was involved in operating one of the largest water purification plants in the country. Tareen had an impressive academic background, having completed his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley and his master’s degree from Yale.

As per the official website of Multan Sultans, Tareen was described as a sports enthusiast passionate about providing aspiring athletes with the necessary resources to enhance their skills. He was pivotal in implementing a data-driven approach within the cricket franchise. Multan Sultan also won the PSL final under his tenure. He stayed with the team as a mentor and maintained morale with his excellent will approach.

The news of Alamgir Tareen’s untimely demise has shocked the cricketing community, as he was known for his dedication to promoting sports and nurturing young talent.

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