David Warner calls for umpire stats on big screen

Imagine seeing an umpire’s stats about decisions they’ve got right or wrong through their career as they walk out to the middle during a World Cup game or a Test match. Maybe even very specific numbers about certain types of dismissals, say LBWs, that they’re good at judging against some they’re not. This could become a thing if David Warner had his way. For, a day after he left the Ekana Stadium in Lucknow in a very enraged state, slamming his bat on the pitch, and not holding back on his emotion, the veteran opener has asked for more accountability from match officials in the wake of a couple of decisions that have gone against Australia in this tournament so far.

“I think in terms of what I’d like to see, this probably won’t get across but players’ stats go up on the board as you walk out to bat. When they announce the umpires and they come up on the screen. I’d love to see their stats come up on the board as well because we see that in the National Rugby League (NRL). I know this is a world game but NRL shows those stats. I think the NFL shows those stats. I think it’s also great for the spectators to see that,” said Warner.

“I think over a period of time. You know, obviously, players get dropped for poor performances. It’s never explained to us about what goes on with the panel as well. So it’s just an indicator.”

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